At one time, PBS stations were the only option for finding educational TV shows. Today, a number of mainstream channels offer more choices. Individuals subscribing to Netflix find dozens of kid-appropriate series that also provide educational content while being entertaining and fun.


The unique show features a group of colorful little blocks adorned by the letters of the alphabet. Even the youngest of viewers are introduced to reading by recognizing letters and the sound each letter makes. The characters combine to form words and offer phonetic assistance, which allows viewers to learn how to read.

Bill Nye Saves the World

The famous science guy returns to delight and education yet another generation of youngsters. Nye welcomes scientific experts and celebrity guests to his functional laboratory to discuss issues that affect the planet and people today.

Emily’s Wonder Lab

Emily Calandrelli is a real-life scientist and former MIT engineer who explores STEM topics joined by a group of budding scientists. The team presents demonstrations and engage in activities that attempt to explain the world around us. Each show teaches youngsters about air, solar, water and wind energy along with fluorescence and other subjects. The episodes also provide the chance for children to create selected experiments at home.

Learning Songs by Little Baby Bum

The entertaining show is ideal for introducing preschoolers to learning. Each show features a cast of friendly characters learning about colors, letters, numbers, animals and other topics. The animated hosts welcome viewers to join along as they learn about the world around them through song.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

The revamped series invites a new generation of youngsters to join Fiona Frizzle and her students on the magic school bus. Each show takes all to different adventures that introduce children to science in unique, fun and entertaining ways.

You vs. Wild

Famous survivalist Bear Grylls takes youngsters on adventures in nature. The interactive program enables young viewers to assist Grylls in making decisions to complete different missions while ensuring safety and survival.

Waffles + Mochi

Michelle Obama, young hosts and an array of puppets take viewers on journeys around the globe to learn about the cultures and foods common to various destinations. During each adventure, guest chefs and celebrities join in to learn about healthy meals and varied foods.