Understanding how to keep children calm during the COVID-19 crisis matters because it is hard on adults, but the difficulty increases even more for children. They don’t have the understanding of adults that can help them to cope with it. What can parents do that will make their children feel calmer about the situation? 


Address the Fears


Adults should gently address the child’s fears to help them overcome the anxiety that could arise because of this pandemic. Children often look to the parents for guidance, and an adult can provide both emotional and physical comfort during difficult times. Adults should answer questions about any news that the child might have heard because it can help resolve some of the fears. 


Stay Close to Loved Ones


Children might especially feel worried for their loved ones during this time because they don’t know what will happen. It can give them some relief to stay in touch with grandparents every couple of days or even every day. Not to mention, it helps the grandparents to bond with the child to keep their spirits up. A short call will help everyone feel better. 


Establish a Routine


Children thrive off routine, and when adults can establish routines for them, it will help them feel more secure and less afraid. Because of COVID-19, many of the once established routines have been disrupted in a big way. It is important not to let this happen. Find a way to establish a strong routine that children can depend on because it will give them some form of comfort during this time.


Positive Discipline Helps


Positive discipline can prove especially helpful because of how it can redirect poor behavior to a better outlet. In some cases, children will misbehave because of boredom, which means that they should be given something to do. 


During this stressful time, parents shouldn’t forget to take care of themselves either because if they don’t feel right, it can negatively impact the child. It can make things even worse for them, which is why it can be an investment to take some alone time when needed.