While adult life revolves around work and family, it can be challenging to find a balance between the two. Some are people all work and no play, yet others fail to deliver as an employee because they are always running to their family’s aid. Being on either side of the coin is a recipe for disaster. Here is how managers can show their support. 


Practice Flexible Scheduling


Employers that aren’t practicing flexible scheduling options are behind the times and might very well lose some valuable help. If the job requirements allow, grant employees the freedom to work remotely from time to time. It is also essential to provide time off for both vacations and emergencies and alter hours to better adjust to any lifestyle obligations. 


Promote Outside Interests


Simply suggesting hobbies and outside activities can be enough to get a fair share of people on board, but others may need a bit of assistance in this area due to cash restrictions. Employers can be more convincing by hosting family-friendly work events and providing benefits and perks that allow employees to take their loved ones out to eat, exercise, and enjoy life at a discounted rate. 


Set Reasonable Hours


While getting ahead has its obvious benefits, employees shouldn’t feel obligated to work from sunup to sundown. It is better to focus on quality and productivity, not on hours worked. Depending on the industry, it may even be okay to request all hands on deck during the busy seasons, but once the workload is settled, let everyone know that they are free to nourish the other areas of their lives.


Lead the Way


People pay a lot of attention to the lifestyle of others, especially their superiors. This gives managers an advantage when it comes to promoting a balanced way of living by sparking up conversations about weekend adventures, clocking out at a decent hour, and phoning family members during break periods. Commit to displaying physical proof that it is possible to fulfill work duties while remaining involved with those who matter the most. 


Aside from it all, employees want to know that the company they are greatly invested in has a genuine concern for their wellbeing. So whether it is a discounted gym membership or a couple of extra days off for family time, managers have the power to make a lasting difference.