Finding the right balance between your career and your family has never been easy, but the coronavirus lockdowns have made it even harder to draw that line. The first rule for keeping that line separate is to set aside blocks of time for work and for your family. Even if you have to set reminder alarms on your phone, it’s necessary to adhere to time management practices. The following suggestions can also help you create a better balance.


Get Dressed


Some people find they’re more productive when they’re able to work in a comfortable environment, but getting too comfortable can hinder productivity. Staying in your pajamas or other non work clothes you normally reserve for being around family can leave you feeling fatigued and can result in more frequent depressive episodes. You’ll feel better and get more done when you take better care of yourself in the morning.


Define Your Workspace


When working from home, using the family computer can cause the lines of your work-family balance to blur. Instead, try creating an office area that is off-limits to the kids and your spouse. Distractions, such as the radio and television, should be removed from this area. When you enter your work area, the only activities in which you engage should be business-related.


Take Time to De-Stress


When your workday is over, the last thing you should do is jump right into parenting mode. Instead, this is the ideal time to wind down. You can go for a run, meditate, or take a bath, but do something you find enjoyable and relaxing. 


Enjoy Your Family Time


You can begin family time by preparing dinner or even just ordering delivery. The evening meal will help you connect with the rest of your family in a casual environment. After dinner, you should spend more time with your family. You can go for a bicycle ride together, pick a movie to watch, or engage in another hobby that everyone enjoys.


Following a strict schedule will help you build a better work-life balance, and you’ll be able to keep this schedule after you return to a regular work routine. While making these distinctions may not be easy at first, you’ll get used to it over time. Eventually, the work-family balance will come naturally to you.