When starting a family and welcoming a new family member into the world, parenting is one skill you cannot afford to not have or ignore, and for a good reason. The ability to tend and care for a newborn and watch them grow into self-dependent people is phenomenal as it is difficult. Half the time, parents do not know what they are doing, and there is no manual to refer to raising successful children. Knowing these five mistakes that parents make will help you quickly navigate parenthood.

Freedom with rules

Children are biologically curious. It is part of their learning process. Seeking to know new information is one way that they achieve independent thinking and creativity. When a parent exercises little if any parental intervention, children may not know how to act in strenuous or challenging situations because they do not have reference points.

Free-range parenting

This type of parenting style is often associated with an observation kind of parenting. A parent leaves the child to decide what to do, which in certain times may result in more significant hurt or destruction with no consequences. Combining the free-range style with a hovering presence that observes and offers guidance is an ideal way to help your child grow.

Setting and enforcing boundaries

An ideal home environment for children should not be void of rules and regulations. Like in any community, ground rules aid in keeping order and ensuring that all members enjoy rights without infringing on others. Children learn by instruction. When you put the proper boundaries, they will self-govern and know when they are wrong.

Sending wrong and mixed messages

As parents, it is your responsibility to implement and enforce rules consistently. Most parents make the biggest mistake by excusing some rules and not being consistent with disciplining children when they break the rules. Sending mixed signals tells the children that they can get away with some mistakes time and time again. Once you commit to practices, follow through with enforcement.

Set expectations

Children achieve their best when there is consistent instruction from a non-compromising parent. As harsh as you may be, it is vital to remain consistent in enforcing and setting boundaries for your children, whether indoors or outdoors. Choosing the right consequences for inaction or disobedience helps children learn proper behavior and lead a better life.